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We think what we have built is a game-changer. But nothing drives that point home more than our clients' success. Below, we share a few case studies from real customers, with real results.

"It's like having a sales management team without the cost of labor!" - Brad Robertson, Flower Mound Pool Care & Maintenance

Featured Case Studies

"Doubled Our Closing Ratio in Just 30 Days"

When we started with LocalRemix, we were a little worried we would have to invest time and effort into the system, even though Colan suggested otherwise. Well, he was right. It was stupidly simple. We did not do anything and LocalRemix handled everything. We saw some pretty serious results quickly and are closing more sales daily. We love LocalRemix! 

- Erik Reitz, Rockstarz Limousine & Party Bus

Rockstarz Limousine & Party Bus

Doubled Their Close Ratio

Customer: Erik Reitz

Time Period: 6 Months

Result: Doubled Close Ratio

"We saw results in the first month!"

When Lisa showed us the system, I immediately knew it would solve so many issues we were facing. What sold me on LocalRemix? They did everything for us. We did not have to learn a fancy system. We had tried some of the bigger companies and well, no joy! LocalRemix is affordable and easy to use. We just access the dashboard. Simple & intuitive. Love it!

 - Jennifer Ilarraza, Ilarraza Law

Ilarraza Law

Doubled Their Close Ratio

Customer: Jennifer Ilarraza

Time Period: 6 Months

Result: Decreased Missed Opportunities

LocalRemix Is Like Having A Complete Sales Team For A Fraction Of The Price

We remember the days when we were just starting out. Then we grew. In both instances, one thing was always clear - having a strong lead generation and sales strategy is key to success in business. Without it, the struggle is real.

LocalRemix Is The Key To Success For Small Businesses Looking To Grow And Scale

Helping Your Business Increase Conversions & Revenue

Not only do our clients love our system, we use it for our own businesses. Our founders, Danny, Colan and Lisa, own hugely successful marketing agencies. Lisa also owns two other businesses and they all use this very software in their own daily routines.

That's how LocalRemix was born!

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Sales Teams Are Expensive!

"Don't waste your hard-earned money on a sales team if you don't have tools & systems in place to ensure you are getting the most from your investment. LocalRemix helped us build a hugely successful sales system that requires less labor and produces more results. We are sold on LocalRemix!"

- Haley, Dirt Dawg Grooming

Dirty Dawg Grooming Success Story

"When you are a small business and the work you do doesn't allow you to grab the phone every time it rings, you lose a LOT of opportunities in missed calls. Often, by the time I would call someone back, they had already found another company who did answer their phone. But as a one-person business, I had no other resources to solve the issue that I could afford... until I found LocalRemix. Their suite of software and hands-on strategy sessions solved my issues and increased my bookings."

Haley could not get to her phones, so she was missing opportunities!

"Collette at LocalRemix consulted with me to understand my unique needs. Then, they configured the system to automatically text a caller back if I could not get to the phone. With one simple message, it maintained the opportunity until I could respond. This one feature out of the many they have given me, has allowed me to book more."

- Haley, Dirty Dawg Grooming

Missed Call Text Back is just one of many solutions we can use to help you win more business and keep customers longer!

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